Kontak 20•80™ Fuel


KONTAK has two product families: Hydrogen Release Modules and Modular Fueling Stations. Please fill out our Contact Form to receive more information (serious inquiries only, please).

Hydrogen can be added to diesel, gasoline, or ammonia or is used 100% by itself in fuel cells or modern internal combustion engines or gas turbines. Existing diesel engines can be readily adapted to run on a mixture of 20% hydrogen and 80% ammonia. We call it Kontak 20•80™ Fuel.

Hydrogen Release Modules

These compact and efficient units can be used singly or in multiples for applications ranging from aerial drones to ships at sea. Their patented design releases hydrogen from ammonia using an electrically heated catalyst to completely eliminate fossil fuel use.

Modular Fueling Stations

KONTAK offers a variety of patent-pending Stations that can dispense ammonia for on-board hydrogen generation, 900 BAR compressed hydrogen, or Stations that produce electricity for electric vehicle (EV) charging. All Kontak Stations can operate off the Grid by integrating fuel cells for internal power generation.