Enabling the Hydrogen Economy™



While modest volumes of the KONTAK Carrier are available commercially, ultimately hundreds of millions of gallons will be required. A major oil refinery would be best to produce such quantities. A refinery with access to large quantities of flare gas would be even better. Since the Carrier will be recycled over 100 times, low initial cost is not essential.


  • Steam Methane Reforming
  • Reforming
  • Biomass Conversion
  • Wind and Solar Electrolysis


Carrier can be stored in steel tanks at standard temperature and pressure since there is no “free” hydrogen to cause metal embrittlement

A 5-Gallon (20l) “Jerry Can” holds 1.7 kilograms of hydrogen for one Carrier currently under consideration


Lease inexpensive rail cars and use railroads for transportation

Distributing the KONTAK Carrier in inexpensive steel tanks and rail cars provides major cost benefits. Compare an $80,000 tank car holding 33,000 gallons of Carrier (11,200 kilograms of hydrogen) to a compressed hydrogen tank car holding 400 kilograms @3,200 psi and costing $800,000.


Develop a nation-wide network of 600 KONTAK Modular Fueling Stations.

These innovative Stations are based on ISO 20-foot shipping containers. Their design allows them to be factory-built anywhere in the world and shipped by container ships, rail and truck. Installed in hours, they can be relocated.


Capture and return the Spent Carrier for recycling 100’s of times.

KONTAK’s proprietary catalysts and precise Reactor temperature allows hydrogen to be removed from the Carrier gently without damage. This ensures hundreds of cycles, keeping KONTAK hydrogen costs low.