Enabling the Hydrogen Economy™



Kontak’s patents refer to both two-way, organic Carriers (HOLC) and one-way Carriers like ammonia (Kontak HOLA™). For parties interested in licensing the HOLC patents, please contact us directly. “Green” ammonia is generated from water and air using electricity. Advances in production show promise for green hydrogen at less than $300 a metric tonne. “Green” hydrogen extracted using Kontak’s patented technology could cost less than $3.00 per kilogram.

Ammonia (NH3) is becoming the carrier of choice for hydrogen. Next to sulfuric acid, it is produced in the largest volume. Huge volumes are made using Steam Methane Reforming (SMR). Unfortunately, SMR releases CO2, a Green House Gas (GHG).


Store and Ship

Ammonia has been safely stored and shipped for over a century by ship, rail, pipelines, barges, and trucks.

Ammonia provides the highest capacity of any hydrogen liquid Carrier at 17.8% weight-by-weight. This is twice compressed hydrogen without the high pressures (up to 700 BAR) and 53% more than liquid hydrogen without cryogenic cooling to 20°A which is 17°A warmer than interstellar space.

Ammonia can be safely stored in steel tanks at less than 7 BAR without cooling. There is no steel embrittlement because there is no gaseous hydrogen. No explosive mixtures can form in storage head spaces.



Kontak has patent-pending designs for low cost, modular fueling stations that can be put in place in weeks rather than years, store twice as much hydrogen as a compressed station, and cost about half.


Create, Recycle and End of Use


Unlike batteries and organic hydrogen Carriers (HOLC), there are no life-cycle issues with ammonia. It is created from air and water and returns to nitrogen and water when used.

Kontak’s proprietary catalysts and very precise Hydrogen Reactor temperatures allow safe and efficient hydrogen release from ammonia.