At KONTAK, our scientists and engineers are working to make Hydrogen Economy a reality.

They are pioneers in the new field of HOLC – Hydrogen on Liquid Carriers. Their product, processes and strategies are designed to produce safe, abundant, inexpensive hydrogen. They have dealt with every aspect of the hydrogen economy:


Ammonia (NH3) from inexpensive electricity using electrolysis


Ammonia in common steel containers at modest pressure.


Inexpensive rail cars and use railroads for transportation.


Develop a
nation-wide network
of inexpensive, modular fueling stations.


Make Hydrogen from ammonia employing Kontak’s patented Hydrogen Release Module


With Kontak’s HOLA technology, there is no remainder to recycle. A huge advantage in eVTOL applications where the aircraft gets lighter as it flies.

Our scientists and engineers have developed a set of keys to unlock the Hydrogen Economy:

  • A source of abundant, low-cost hydrogen that could have negative CO2 impact
  • Hydrogen stored and transported in standard rail cars at standard temperature and pressure
  • Specific designs for creating a hydrogen infrastructure for 10% of forecasted cost
  • Advanced Reactors to liberate hydrogen on-board a wide range of vehicles from drones to ships
  • The ability to recycle the KONTAK organic Carrier hundreds of times
  • A roadmap for multi-billion dollar businesses enabled by KONTAK’s technology

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